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Steep Me “Adrenal Tonic” Remedy Tea

From: $9.00
Adrenal Tonic is a great remedy tea for a fatigued Adrenal system...these hand crafted herbs combine to allow your adrenal system to restore and repair for better recover and reduced stress.

Steep Me “Allergy Helper” Remedy Tea

From: $10.00
This allergy tea is great for seasonal allergies or for those who suffer long term.  Really helps relieve the nasal drip in the back of the throat giving great relief. A great way to clear up your sinuses and help sooth your throat.

Steep Me “Alzheimer’s Helper” Remedy Tea

From: $15.00
Looking for a great green tea that helps with great brain health and function!  Great for protection and early onset of Alzheimer's.

Steep Me “Anxiety” Remedy Tea

From: $15.00
Our Anxiety Blend is a great options for people already using an Antidepressant.  This works well with that medication plus it really helps with the brain fog and lack of energy that can be a common side effect.  This will help get the focus and productivity back.

Steep Me “Asthma Helper” Remedy Tea

From: $11.00
This Asthma Remedy is great for many respiratory concerns.  This tea can help to relieve shortness of breath, inflammation and not getting a full breath which comes with any sort of respiratory issue.

Steep Me “Baby Delivery” Remedy Tea

For the last 2 weeks of Pregnancy - start getting your body ready for the Baby to come with help from this tea!

Steep Me “Boost-T” Remedy Tea

From: $10.00
This tea is for anyone looking to increase their testosterone levels  Great combo of wild crafted herbs to help boost testosterone and give a bit of energy and focus.  We have several clients on this blend and they are really noticing the changes in their bodies in the weight room.  Give it a try. 

Steep Me “Bronchial Virus” Remedy Tea

From: $10.00
Our Bronchial Virus blend is a great way to help get rid of the deep cough and congestion that can lag after being sick!  Great peach taste and very effective!

Steep Me “Bug Repellant” Remedy Spray

Are you looking for a great alternative to the smelly - chemically  - Super bad for you Ingredients - yucky old style of bug spray? This is the best option for you!

Steep Me “Calming Hug” Remedy Tea

From: $10.00
Our Calming Hug tea is a great alternative to the usual floral or minty evening tea.  The nuts paired with a bit of cinnamon is tasty plus the added benefit of the catnip to calm the mind.

Steep Me “Cancer Fighter” Remedy Tea

From: $12.00
Our Cancer Fighter Tea is a great combination of ancient old studies from all countries on the best way to combat Cancer and help prevent it!

Steep Me “Candida Mix” Remedy Tea

From: $10.00
This combination has all the herbs proven to help get rid of the build-up of yeast in your digestive system.  We recommend you add it to another tea of your choice to make is more palatable.