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Cherry Limeade

From: $15.00
A great all-natural tart blend with a soft cherry taste and a tart aftertaste!  Great Iced!

Minty Berry Cooler

From: $15.00
Another great fruity white tea with lots of berries and a hint of spearmint.

Flower Garden

From: $14.00
Wonderful combo of your favorite flowers with rich Rose, Luscious Lavender and a hint of Jasmine.

White Rose Heaven

From: $13.00
Our most floral blend of rose!  Wonderful cup of tea!


From: $15.00
This tea will help was developed to help with the chronic inflammation and irritation of the digestive tract.  This blend will sooth and comfort the system. 


From: $15.00
This is a great option for treating the inflammation related to Colitis.  It can also help with bouts of diarrhea.

Mastitis – Plugged Milk Duct Compress

What a great option for a natural healing option for your bites and burns!  Safe on Children!


From: $12.00
This combination of herbs helps the body with Eczema and the itchiness and dry skin that can come with this diagnosis. 

Pure Leaf

From: $16.00
A great plain white tea with lots of body and flavor on its own!  This is also the base for our popular teas of White Peach and Kiwi Pear!

Autumn Aire

From: $8.00
A wonderful warm tasting beverage that it is hard to believe it is a green tea!

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Love Love Lemon

From: $10.00
If you love lemon...this is an amazing blend with lots of natural lemon taste!