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From: $16.00
Looking for a great green tea that helps with great brain health and function!  Great for protection and early onset of Alzheimer's.

Baby Delivery Aid Blend

For the last 2 weeks of Pregnancy - start getting your body ready for the Baby to come with help from this tea!

Bite and Burn Roll-on

What a great option for a natural healing option for your bites and burns!  Safe on Children!

Blue Beauty Oolong Tea

From: $11.00
This is a Fijian Green Oolong Tea from China with Powdered Ginseng and Licorice Root added to the tea leaves and folded many times.  A great flavor to this earthy Oolong filled with soothing Licorice Root and energizing Ginseng.  Great for a pick me up!

Bug Repellant Spray

Are you looking for a great alternative to the smelly - chemically  - Super bad for you Ingredients - yucky old style of bug spray? This is the best option for you!

Chai Hazn

From: $11.00
A fun Green Tea chai with the refreshing taste of Peppermint and Peppercorns to give it a great flavor!

Hangover Helper

From: $12.00
This combo of our great health and wellness teas helps with all aspects of a hangover or hangover symptoms.  Headache, Tummy Aches, Fatigue and Detox!


From: $9.00
Great blend of teas and herbs to help combat the symptoms of a slow thyroid.

Lymphatic Cleanse

Our Lymphatic Cleanse is a 60 Day Tea Regime done daily to perhaps bring about efficiency of the Lymphatic System.

Mastitis – Plugged Milk Duct Compress

What a great option for a natural healing option for your bites and burns!  Safe on Children!

Sencha Green Tea – Japanese Sencha Fukuiju

From: $19.00
Japanese Sencha is a great dark cup of tea from Japan.  A great choice for someone wanting to experience true green tea taste and the earthiness from the leaves.

Steep Me Biome-Aid

This is an amazing little pickle juice powerhouse.  Use it for your Digestive concerns and sour tummies.  Many of our customers are seeing fast pain management with this combo.