Rejuvenating. Black tea comes next to green tea in terms of its rich antioxidants and heart-healthy properties. Originally green tea, the leaves are further dried changing its color and taste.

The concept of opening a small tea store located in the awesome town of Bismarck was an incredible idea in a market that is a coffee and meat and potatoes society. We began our research two years prior to opening our store. We focused on all aspects of the tea industry.

At first, we wanted to open a small spice location to offer country specific spices and recipes and “how-to’s” to make great meals. The biggest asset to this was consistency and taking the work out of finding good spices on the internet. We would do all the research and only offer the best of the best in our store.

However, through our research we found different kinds of spice blends that contained different tea leaves. We thought that was an interesting concept. From there we started to focus only on tea. The vast health benefits and wellness that comes from tea in our minds we felt we needed to get together our ideas and offer this to our local area. With all the research, we thought it would be great to have a comfortable space where tea lovers and individuals who wanted to be tea lovers could come and inquire about tea, shop and allow us to make a perfect cup of tea to enjoy. It took a couple of years to research our tea importer and go through all the training to know our product and the health aspects with each one.

We have a quaint location where we have seating areas for relaxing and are now offering over a 100 varieties of tea in loose form. We have many different kinds of tea making items. We offer quality-bagged teas from different vendors. We have many hand crafted one of a kind items from local artisans including Pottery, Jewelry, and Knitted Hats and Gloves.