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White Tea “the hidden gem”

White Tea

…I have never heard of that type of tea???

Herbs and teas have been used for centuries as a form of treatment for many types of ailments.  Long before Modern Medicine — all the way back to times of BC, the medicinal quality of herbs and the tea leaf can been noted time and time again.  The origin of Tea in the countries of China and many other parts of the world have know this one resounding fact …..TEA IS GOOD FOR YOU … in all of its forms.  

Many of us have heard of  the more common types of Green or Black Tea.  However, White Tea. has not gotten a lot of press.  White tea is awesome and unique and different in many many ways from the other teas but the most significant is the health benefits of this type of tea and they are amazing.  

Some simple facts on White Tea.

1…  It is the least processed of all five of the tea categories.  White Tea has a delicate leaf and bud combination and is simply steam cleaned and left to dry either in drying houses or in the sun.  Because of the lack of processing, White Tea has the most antioxidants of all of the tea categories. This is thought to be one reason why studies have linked white tea with many health benefits.

2…Very Light and Earthy Taste.   White tea is very refreshing and has a light tea taste that is very pale yellow in colour in the cup.  Many people find that along with a slight taste, White Tea has a completely different texture in the cup.  In fact…the bud of the tea plant in white tea has a fuzzy texture (furry) outside. When the cup of tea is properly made, this little fuzzies are released into the cup.  Many find that this process softens the cup of tea..giving it a smooth and creamy mouth feel. Many customer will make any type of tea but add in 2-3 of the White Tea Buds into the cup to make is creamier.  

3…Sensitive to Heat.  White Tea is very particular to heat.  When steeping a cup of White Tea the water needs to be cooler.  Too hot of Water and it will scorch the tender leaves and bud – releasing a very astringent taste that is not appealing to all people.  We recommend approx 180 degree water – fresh – but unlike other tea enthusiasts that recommend a short steep time..over the years of perfecting our teas, we always steep our White Tea at least 5 minutes to bring out its be flavor and to maximize the amazing health benefits we will go into depth about later in this article.  

4…There are five types.  There are 5 varieties of White tea and we carry the two main types of tea.  They include Silver Needle and White Peony. We carry these two mostly for their high quality and ease to modify and enhance their flavors with other items like fruit, flowers or other healthy herbs.  Our best sellers include: White Peach, Luscious Strawberry and Citrus Sunrise.

The amazing health benefits of White Tea:  

1…High Antioxidants.  What are Antioxidants? They are nutrients that when ingested, help protect the body from harmful free radicals that are out to damage the body.  They can damage DNA, increase aging and increase disease production. White Tea can help add healthy antioxidants to help combat these nasty little buggers.  

2…Help Increase Cancer Prevention.  The natural make up of the Camellia Sinensis Plant naturally has the ability to fight cancer in all of its leaves.  White Tea type is the strongest category of tea leaves and has the strongest fighters to keep all kinds or types of Cancer away!!  The heavy weight type of Antioxidant that goes into combat is called a Flavonoids. These Flavonoids are abundant in White Tea and can stop the growth of cancer cells Plus helps new ones from even starting in the body.

3…Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol.    White Tea also has another Antioxidant called Catechins – these powerhouses help reduce cholesterol and improve artery function and thin the blood.  All that makes your heart happy! Another great side effect of the Catechins is it promotes strong and healthy blood vessels and prevents hardening of arteries…so it helps the good be better and gets rid of the bad.  Researchers have also discovered that people who drink 2 or more cups of tea a day are almost 50% less likely to die after suffering a heart attack. White tea is truly a remarkable heart tonic.

4…Stronger Bones and Reduce Arthritis.  Research shows that in comparison of White Tea drinker to Non – White Tea drinkers that those who did drink tea show greater bone density and strength and reduce inflammation.  

5…Kills Bacteria.  White Tea is a KILLER…in the good way…there are so many abundant antioxidants that can help the entire body…killing off all the invaders that choose to enter..plus it does a great job at keeping your immune system strong and a side effect is NO colds and flu!!!!  What we all want!

With so many health benefits and flavor choices we always recommend adding in a white tea to your daily tea regime…it can be a great start to your morning or a great way to end your day…but including many kinds of tea will only enhance all the health benefits tea has to offer.

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