This is a collection of other herbs, spices, flowers, and roots that are blended together to create a great taste without caffeine.  This collection does not have any tea leaves so the health benefits will come strictly from the ingredients themselves. Lots of proprietary options all blended in house at our North Dakota FDA Approved Facility.

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From: $12.00
A perfect blend of Organic Peppermint, Sage and Licorice Root...very sweet after taste and great for sore throats.

Ayurvedic Tea Blends – Kapha Earth Water Energy

From: $12.00
KAPHA:   This is the energy that controls growth in the body.  It supplies water to all body parts, moisturizes the skin and maintains the immune system. When in balance:  Express love and Forgiveness When out of balance:  Can lead to Insecurity and Envy.

Ayurvedic Tea Blends – Pitta Fire Energy

From: $14.00
PITTA:  This is the energy that controls the bodies metabolic systems..including digestion absorption, nutrition and body temperature.   When in balance: Contentment and Intelligence When out of balance:  Can cause Ulcers and Angry digestive system.

Ayurvedic Tea Blends – Vata Air Energy

From: $13.00
VATA: This is the leader of the three energies and is the energy that controls body functions associated with motion, including circulation, breathing, blinking and heartbeat. When in balance:  Creativity and Vitality abound When out of balance: Can cause Fear and Anxiety

Beach Bellini

From: $13.00
Looking for a great - no caffeinated - tropical blend!  Here is a great choice!

Berry Plush

From: $16.00
Looking for a great - no caffeinated - fruity hot or iced tea...this is it!  Simply freeze dried berries!  That simple and yummy!

Chamomile Flowers – Egyptian

From: $12.00
Herbal Tea with Egyptian Whole Chamomile Flowers - No Caffeine

Chillax Tisane Tea – Level 1 of Calmness

From: $13.00
This is the first in our Chillax - series - great blend of calming mint and lavender!  Enjoy!

Chillax”d Tisane Tea – Level 3 of Calmness

From: $13.00
A fantastic herbal option to help you chill for the night...great choice about a half hour before bed!

Chillaxin Tisane Tea – Level 2 of Calmness

From: $13.00
This is a great second level of calmness with the addition of Catnip to help start relaxing the mind and still enjoying your evening.

For the Love of Anise

From: $11.00
Great way to get your love of black licorice!

Indian Spice Chai

From: $11.00
Our best selling chai and it is caffeine free!