Collection of our teas blended with White Tea.  This category has a bit of caffeine but is the healthiest of all the teas.  Great light flavor!  Lots of proprietary options all blended in house at our North Dakota FDA Approved Facility.

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Berry Surprise

From: $13.00
This is our best selling White tea...with a great strawberry and blueberry taste from the actual fruit pieces...great iced! and is always a great choice for the new tea person!

Cherry Limeade

From: $15.00
A great all-natural tart blend with a soft cherry taste and a tart aftertaste!  Great Iced!

Citrus Sunrise

From: $11.00
If you are looking for a great all natural orangey and tangy white tea....Citrus Sunrise meets all those needs.  Lots of Orange Peel and Orange granules and Hibiscus make this a great citrus drink.  

Dakota Prairie Rose

From: $14.00
One of our first and always best selling white teas...the passionfruit makes it a great first tea if you are new to the tea world.  A great fruity tea with all the wonderful health benefits white tea provides.

Earl Grey White

From: $14.00
Get the same wonderful and traditional taste of Earl Grey is this new variation.  A great way to have a tea base with a few more health benefits and still have the traditional Orange and Bergamot of Earl Grey.

Enlightened Spirit

From: $17.00
Great light and refreshing white tea with a tropical feel.  If you are looking for a great, refreshing, lightly fruity cup of tea this is a great selection!  


From: $15.00
A great combination of peach and strawberry with a light white we added a few jasmine pearls to give it a slight floral taste.  Great hot or cold with a bit of cream.

Flower Garden

From: $18.00
Wonderful combo of your favorite flowers with rich Rose, Luscious Lavender and a hint of Jasmine.

Holy Berry Basil

From: $15.00
Great fruity white tea with berries and a hint of basil!

Kiwi Pear

From: $15.00
A great combination of Kiwi pieces and Pear pieces with a light white tea.  Great hot or iced.

Luscious Strawberry

From: $11.00
Great selling white tea with a wonderful strawberry taste!

Minty Berry Cooler

From: $15.00
Another great fruity white tea with lots of berries and a hint of spearmint.