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BeBold Beer

From: $5.00
A great way to have all of your Beer Taste with no Gluten or Sugar!  Try a BeBold Non Alcoholic Beer!

Choco Pistachio Haze

From: $10.00
This blend has the great combination of our very popular Poppin' Pistachio with a bit of Chocolate!  We combined these great flavors together to make a perfect nutty chocolaty treat!

M-PAK Mushroom Blend

The Steep Me M-Pak is a great combo of Mushrooms, long valued for their medicinal properties, are being explored as tools to boost immunity and fight viruses with their antiviral nature.


From: $10.00
It's the best marriage of all the earl greys and a bit of floral essence to help enhance the Bergamot.  If you love your Earl Grey - this is a great alternative!