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Those pesky little biting troublemakers…get rid of them! Steep Me Bug Repellant Spray

Bug Repellant Spray combination of herbs to really help keep those Pesky pests away from you.  Be sure to cover all the skin areas exposed to the mob.

Are you looking for a great alternative to the smelly – chemically  – super bad for you ingredients – yucky old style of bug spray?

We have an effective option for you!

I would love to find an all natural Bug Spray that actually works and is safe for Everyone…Babies, Grandma, Grandpa etc…

We at Steep Me pride ourselves on the quality and effectiveness of all of our self help options.  We wanted to be sure we were able to make a great alternative to the chemical laden options that are he “”bug sprays”” on the market.

We have all been there – having a great day – playing with friends and family – just enjoying the outdoors and here comes the evening and the pesky little buggers that like to sample your wares start to emerge…I hated bug spray just for the sheer yuckiness my skin felt and the strong smell of the Deet.  But at some point you would have to finally give in and apply it to keep from being sampled on too much. Ugggg…well it worked While you were out….but there was no way around it…as soon as you got home…into the shower you went…just to get that nasty stuff off of your skin.

The Mission is still to find a great alternative spray.

We wanted to make a great alternative to that horrible experience of conventional Bug Spray.  Something that is great for the skin and can be effective in a natural herbal kind of way. Something that is barely scented and is perfectly safe for everyone.  From Babies to the Elderly – this super safe and light smelling product will be OK for Everyone. The Carrier Oil of Sesame is very moisturizing for your skin and you cannot even tell you are wearing it…so NO Shower!!!

We have sourced all of our herbs to be Wildcrafted.  We use only Organic Sesame Oil and the product is completely Vegan.  We start our steeping process of the wildcrafted herbs in August. We long soak them for 9 months to ensure we are getting every tiny bit of health benefits out of the herbs to ensure the effectiveness of the spray.  In April we then take each of our glass half gallon jars and we strain out all of the herbs. We then fill each spray bottle by hand adding the correct amount of sesame oil to ensure we have the perfect concentration in each bottle.  This will make sure the spray is at the right consistency and will be a great all natural product for you and your family.

About this blend

Steep Me Bug Repellant Spray

Smelling notes: Very light smell from the sesame oil and cedar chips.

Ingredients:  Wildcrafted Steep me Proprietary Blend of Sesame Oil (Fantastic for your skin and a great carrier oil), Lemongrass (Mosquitos Hate It), Peppermint (Mosquitos Hate It), Eucalyptus (Biting Flies hate It), Lavender (They all hate it), CatNip, Cedar Chips(Ticks Hate it) and Witch Hazel (Gnats and Fleas Hate It).

This is a great combination of herbs to really help keep those pesky pests away from you.  Be sure to cover all your skin areas exposed to the mob…ha ha.   Be sure to rub it in.  Please re apply every 2-3 hours.   Enjoy a swat free summer!!

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