Great collection of our teas that are only available for a limited time…check back often!

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From: $13.00
We combined these fun ingredients giving it a great caramel taste with a hint of toffee and the back note of chocolate.


From: $11.00
New winter tea with great combination Spicy Cinnamon, Tart Hibiscus and Orange Peel.

Coconut Macaroon

From: $12.00
Wonderful blends of coconut to make a perfect Macaroon!

Frosted Dawn

From: $12.00
A great combo of Jasmine green tea with added tastes of Raspberry and Dragon Fruit making this blend a slight glimmer of hope in the winter months of warmer days are coming.

Lenten Teas

From: $11.00
Our Lenten Teas are made up of 6 different blends that were built with ingredients that were mentioned in the Bible and the scripture for reference!  Enjoy

Mico-Blended Black Iced Tea – 4 Pack

Great way to get our quality blends in ready to go packages!  Easy to make large batches...each packet has 4 Bags to make 4 Gallons.

Midwest Koosh

From: $12.00
Midwest Koosh All the Nuts and Chocolate!  Cannot get better than that! Great with Chocolate Almond Milk!! Like a great hot chocolate!

Pine Berry Forest

From: $17.00
New winter tea with great combination of berries, hibiscus and pine needles!

Rise and Shine

From: $12.00
Great Winter Blend that tastes just like coffee!


From: $13.00
A great combo of Strawberry and Papaya with a finish of tart fruits...making this a bit of sunshine during the Winter Days!