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Berry Cotton Candy Rooibos Tea

From: $9.00
This is a great fun tea with bits of Marshmallow and Black Currant...the kids will love it plus no Caffeine!

Grape Neeeee-Hi

From: $11.00
This is the perfect grape tea with all natural fruit pieces and pea flowers making it a dark purple drink!

Mico-Blended Black Iced Tea – 4 Pack

Great way to get our quality blends in ready to go packages!  Easy to make large batches...each packet has 4 Bags to make 4 Gallons.

Mojito Green Tea

From: $11.00
This blend lives up to its name...great mint with strong tastes of Lime and Ginger...Enjoy!

Moscow Mule

From: $9.00
Your favorite summer drink in tea form....Moscow Mule.

Pear Melon

From: $10.00
A wonderful kid friendly tea that tastes like a healthy fruit juice!  Make hot or cold!  Sure to please everyone!

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Rooibos

From: $12.00
This is the perfect Pina Colada Blend for the Pineapple no caffeine!


From: $10.00
If you want a great strong lemon-ade blend with lots of flavor and tang - this is it!

Rhubarb Raspberry Rooibos Tea

From: $9.00
Looking for a great combination of slightly tart and slightly sweet - this is the blend for you!  Fantastic Iced and Caffeine Free.

Solstice Green Tea

From: $10.00
This is a light and refreshing tropical green tea with extra strawberry!

Strawberry Sunrise

From: $11.00
This blend is the perfect combination of Strawberry with a hint of lemon....yummm