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Are your Allergies ramping up this time of year? Steep Me Allergy Self help

Are your Allergies ramping up this time of year?

Causing – Stuffy Nose – Restricted Breathing – drainage – Runny eyes ::  Steep Me Allergy Self help Tea


I suffer from all of the above symptoms with my allergies,  what can I take to help…


It is that time of year for those darn Allergies to start showing up.   This combination of herbs helps the body with those nagging items that comes with Allergies.  Many symptoms include stuffy Head or dry nose, watery Eyes, nasal drip, scratchy throat or seasonal allergy cough.  We put together the perfect offering to touch on all of those symptoms and give you a natural and healthy way to feel better!  We combined this tea with our amazing all berry herbal tea with very high antioxidants. We added Eucalyptus to clear the sinuses.  We added Marshmallow Root to keep the lungs clear and the throat soothed. We added Raspberry Leaf to keep the immune system strong while fighting these irritants.

This combination of herbs also works well with our Kick Ur Kold Self help Tea to help keep the immune system strong, especially when the heavy allergies can really wear the system down.  Pairing them together makes a great tasting cup of tea and will ensure a strong immune system.

Why:  We always try to import wild crafted herbs (meaning herbs grown in their native country) to make them more effective.  If Wildcrafted is not available then we will import organic herbs. This keeps the self help tea strong and effective with high quality responsibly sourced herbs.  We created the Allergy Tea back in 2014 for a friend of ours who was unable to mow his own grass due to his allergies being worsened by the wildfire smoke that has entered our area.  We wanted this tea to be an option for anyone who has Allergy Symptoms that are consistent or sporadic and can be combined with the standard OTC allergy medicines. This tea will have a very mild and Fruity Taste and has No caffeine.  This tea can be drank as often as needed to keep your symptoms away.

This blend is NOT safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Tasting Notes:Fruity Taste with Blueberries, Raspberries and Pomegranate.  Great Taste of Rosemary and a the Tartness of eucalyptus.

Ingredients:Blueberries, Raspberries, Pomegranate (Organic and Wildcrafted – freeze dried fruit), Eucalyptus (Effervescent for the sinuses), Rosemary(Boost Immune System), RAspberry Leaf (Reduce Inflammation), and Marshmallow Root (Reduce Swelling of Respiratory Tract).

This is a great combination of herbs to really help those issues with Your recurring allergies.   This blend is also caffeine free and is a great tea to drink before bed.

Pair with:  With the Kick Ur Kold or Throat Therapy for extra focused attention to your symptoms!

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2 thoughts on “Are your Allergies ramping up this time of year? Steep Me Allergy Self help

  1. Sandi Larson says:

    I’ve been using your sample of CBD salve for shoulder pain which has decreased the pain at bedtime.
    I’m wondering what’s next?
    I’m interested in the tea for allergies.
    Do you have a sent free oil or salve in the making?

    1. Hello Sandi…thanks for reaching out to us! I am so glad the CBD Salve is working…YEAH! We will be making More Cream and Salve next week available for sale…we have seen such amazing results…so will will have more for you! The allergy tea is great…we have seen many many results in getting rid of those pesky symptoms that allergy sufferers experience…We do sell it by the ounce if you would like to purchase some to see how it works!

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