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“Mull” It Over

From: $10.00
A great new Apple Chai with lots of Cloves...great caffeine free option for the season!

Freeze-Dried Autumn Bananas

Freeze-Dried Autumn Bananas is a great way to enjoy a wonderful snack or add it to your favorite tea!

Rejoice to Thee

From: $13.00
A fun variation of our Classic Puerh with a hint of fruity and a bit of winter spice!


From: $21.00
This is a great blend...tastes just like the Candy...also a great mixer for Tom and Jerry Blends!

Pancreatic Health

From: $15.00
 The blend was built specifically to help the Pancreases to detox, deliver hormones and ease the symptoms of inflammation or Pancreatitis. Your pancreas, a small organ rarely thought of until it causes problems, is vital for your digestive system as well as the endocrine process.

Freeze-Dried Kiddie Trail Mix

Freeze-Dried Mango is a great way to enjoy a wonderful snack or add it to your favorite tea!

Oophorectomy and Ovarian Health – WIP

Oophorectomy and Ovarian Health was built to help support your body with basic Ovarian Health and for our guests that have gone thru a lateral or bilateral Oophorectomy. For Ovarian Health, healthy ovaries need to produce hormones for follicles to mature, an egg to be released at ovulation, and for the uterine lining to begin to grow in preparation for the implantation if an embryo. This blend could ensure we are connecting properly with the Ovaries.  For Oophorectomy Health, we trying to create a new level of communication since the Endocrine System have been ghosted by the Ovaries and nobody told it!  This blend will help develop communicate with the breast tissue to relay the proper hormone production of Follicle-stimulating hormone, or FSH, luteinizing hormone, or LH and Estrogen and Progestogen balancing while increasing Testosterone.

Hypothalamus and Endocrine Support – WIP

Hypothalamus and Endocrine Support - WIP was built to help support your Hypothalamus and the rest of the Endocrine System to provide balance in the body.

Anxious Brain – WIP

This tea was built to help with racing thoughts in the mind when the body feels relaxed - the list process - the overthinking of a task - the dark thoughts of what is to come or what happened in the past. This is different than our Anxiety in that this tea only addresses the mental aspects, where the Anxiety also address the physical aspects tied to this ailment.

Respiratory Restriction – WIP

This blend has been helpful with reducing the tightness associated with lung concerns from Allergy, Colds or other Lung concerns.

Freeze-Dried Autumn Apples

Freeze-Dried Autumn Apples is a great way to enjoy a wonderful snack or add it to your favorite tea!

Mint Jumble

From: $10.00
This blend has a strong and flavorful blend of Peppermint and Spearmint blending the sweet with the astringent.