Accessories to make our Steep Me Tea

Accessories for Loose Leaf Tea

Looking for a way to make your loose leaf tea.  With our Accessories you find great and simple ideas to make your tea cup by cup.

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1 3/4 ” Ball Infuser – Handle

Simply scoop your favorite loose-leaf tea in ball and place ball into cup of hot water.

2 1/2 ” Ball Infuser – Chain

Use this Mesh Tea Infuser to brew the most flavorful tea. Simply add your favorite tea and drop the infuser into the teapot. Also ideal for spices and loose leaf tea. Clip holds ball together and features a chain with a hook to suspend in hot beverages. Recommended to hand wash.

Finum Tea Bags – Large 100 pc

These are the Large Finum Tea Filters that are perfect for Iced Tea.  Use 1 Bag for 1/2 Gallon or 2 Bags for a Full Gallon.


Tea Pockets make brewing loose tea easier than ever. Unlike other fill-your-own tea bags, Tea Pockets are self-sealing and come with a string attached for easy removal after steeping. Tea Pocket's ultra-thin, almost transparent material allows water to completely circulate through the leaves, which yields a better tasting cup of tea. Tea pockets are disposable, bleach-free, adhesive-free and have no paper taste. Great for tea on the go.