These blends are handcrafted to work for a specific malady.  We named the blends to be exactly what they help with and are a great alternative to enhance natural health.

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SinuSoothe Cough ~ Throat ~ Sinus Syrup

This combination of herbs and oils has come about with a strong initiative to create great soothing syrup that can help coat the throat, clear the sinuses and help with a nagging cough.

Fungal Infection ~ Mold Toxicity – WIP

From: $14.00
The blend was built to help with both mold toxicity exposure and fungal infections.

Autonomic Nervous System ~ WIP

From: $18.00
This blend is meant to help with the healing of the Autonomic Nervous System (NAS).  The autonomic nervous system is a complex network of cells that controls the body’s internal state. It regulates and supports many different processes, often outside of a person’s conscious awareness. The nervous system is a collection of cells that send and receive electrical and chemical signals throughout the body.

Sleep 2.0 ~ WIP

From: $17.00
This blend focuses on the central nervous system by calming and cooling the system.

Matcha Infused Coffee

From: $9.00
This blend came about we wanted another way for people to enjoy the health benefits and qualities that Matcha provides! 

Progesterone Reduction ~ WIP

From: $16.00
This blend is meant to help with high levels of Progesterone and to naturally reduce them and become more balanced. Progesterone is a female sex hormone that regulates the reproductive system.

Brain Health ~ Stroke Recovery – WIP

From: $15.00
This blend is meant to help with the recovery involved when a stroke occurs - which is when blood circulation to the brain is halted. This lack of oxygen and blood flow to the brain can cause brain cells to die.  Many of these problems respond well to an integrative approach with targeted nutrients and herbs can help with post-stroke management.

Vascular Health ~ Vasculitis – WIP

From: $12.00
This blend is meant to help with the inflammation of the blood vessels (the series of tubular structures that carry blood to tissues and organs throughout the body) that can come with a diagnosis of Vasculitis.

Steep Me Nitro Glo

A great option for a painstakingly coddled - several days cold press coffee with a great taste and the health benefits of Tea!

Vaginal Atrophy – WIP

From: $15.00
This blend is meant to help with side effects that can be common with a diagnosis of Vaginal Atrophy.  The bodies lack of estrogen causes thinning of the vaginal wall. It becomes drier, less elastic, and more delicate. Anatomical and functional changes involve the vulva, pelvic floor, and urinary tract.

SIBO ~ Hydrogen & Methane (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)

From: $16.00
With the blend we are working on helping with Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) that occurs when there is an abnormal increase in the overall bacterial population in the small intestine — particularly types of bacteria not commonly found in that part of the digestive tract.

Oophorectomy ~ Ovarian Health – WIP

From: $47.00
Oophorectomy and Ovarian Health was built to help support your body with basic Ovarian Health and for our guests that have gone thru a lateral or bilateral Oophorectomy.