This blend was built to help with DHEA - DHEA-s - deficiency!  This can significantly increase the risk of getting certain cancers (including breast, ovarian, prostate, and bladder), atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, nervous system degeneration, and other age-related conditions.


From: $20.00
The blend was built specifically to help built to help with increased and trapped swelling of the body – especially hands, feet, calves, and ankles.

Environmental Immunity

From: $18.00
Great blend for helping suppress your appetite and losing a bit of weight.

Eye Health – WIP

From: $15.00
The blend was built to help maintain and improve eye health including glaucoma, cataracts and pressure balancing.

Fungal Infection ~ Mold Toxicity – WIP

From: $14.00
The blend was built to help with both mold toxicity exposure and fungal infections.


This blend was built to help your Gallbladder function more efficiently.  It can potentially help to dissolve gallstones, increase production of bile, overall cleansing and better overall function. 

Gout – WIP

From: $19.00
The blend was built to help the body filter out the toxins from Gout and help with pain management and reduce Uric Acid.

Grave’s ~ Hyperthyroidism – WIP

This blend was built to help with Grave's Disease (hyperthyroidism) which will help with the overproduction of the thyroid hormone.  

Hashimoto – WIP

From: $17.00
The blend was built to help balance your thyroid from the inflammation and reduction in hormones it is producing.

Hypothalamus ~ Endocrine Support – WIP

From: $46.00
Hypothalamus and Endocrine Support - WIP was built to help support your Hypothalamus and the rest of the Endocrine System to provide balance in the body.

Kick Ur Kold Cold and Flu Relief

From: $15.00
Looking to get rid of the CRUD.....the Kick Ur Kold is the best way to get rid of it!  Safe for little ones....safe for pregnancy....safe for breastfeeding!

Liver Fibrosis ~ Cirrhosis ~ WIP

From: $36.00
This blend was built to help assist your body in helping heal the scarring and extensive scarring (fibrosis) of the liver caused by long-term injuries and disease.