Lyme Disease – WIP

From: $15.00
This blend is meant to help with side effects that can be common with a diagnosis of Lyme Disease and removal of the bacterial causing issues.

M-PAK Mushroom Blend

The Steep Me M-Pak is a great combo of Mushrooms, long valued for their medicinal properties, are being explored as tools to boost immunity and fight viruses with their antiviral nature.

Mental Health ~ Bipolar ~ WIP

From: $39.00
This blend was built to help assist your body with mental health concerns and the ups and downs that can come with a bipolar diagnosis.

Multiple Sclerosis – WIP

From: $15.00
 The blend was built to help reduce inflammation, balance, improve brain function and cognitive ability and reduce anxiety. 

Nerve Bone Cartilage Regeneration ~ WIP

From: $43.00
This blend was built to help assist your body to rebuild your nerves, cartilage and bones.  We work on helping the nerves regenerate.  The human body can regenerate your nerves up to 1mm a month, so this blend was built to help with neuropathy and nerve regeneration.  We are also working on regenerating the cartilage in between the joints.

Neuromuscular Health – Muscle Spasms

From: $18.00
The Neuromuscular Health and Muscle Spasm tea was built to help the skeletal muscles and peripheral nerves that control the voluntary movement of the body to calm and relax. The blend will help ease the tightness that can occur while decreasing inflammation and can help manage the weakness, rigidity and loss of function of these muscles.

Oophorectomy ~ Ovarian Health – WIP

From: $47.00
Oophorectomy and Ovarian Health was built to help support your body with basic Ovarian Health and for our guests that have gone thru a lateral or bilateral Oophorectomy.

Osteoporosis WIP

From: $15.00
The blend was built to help build back some of the density in your bones that can be caused by Osteoporosis.

Pancreatic Health

From: $15.00
 The blend was built specifically to help the Pancreases to detox, deliver hormones and ease the symptoms of inflammation or Pancreatitis. Your pancreas, a small organ rarely thought of until it causes problems, is vital for your digestive system as well as the endocrine process.

Pineal Gland Decalcification

This blend will help the Pineal gland since it plays an essential role in how we sleep, perform, make decisions, and perceive reality

Progesterone Reduction ~ WIP

From: $16.00
This blend is meant to help with high levels of Progesterone and to naturally reduce them and become more balanced. Progesterone is a female sex hormone that regulates the reproductive system.

Prolactin Reduction ~ Hyperprolactinemia ~ WIP

This blend is meant to help with the over production of Prolactin or Hyperprolactinemia for women and men.