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Mint Jumble

From: $10.00
This blend has a strong and flavorful blend of Peppermint and Spearmint blending the sweet with the astringent. 

Beach Bellini

From: $12.00
Looking for a great - no caffeinated - tropical blend!  Here is a great choice!

Pregnancy Nutrition

From: $13.00
The Pregnancy Nutrition Tea was built specifically for expecting mommies for the whole pregnancy. These herbs help with all the ups and downs that come with pregnancy.  We recommend the following schedule of use: 1st Trimester 3x Week - 3tsp per cup, 2nd Trimester 5x Week - 3tsp per cup, 3rd Trimester Daily - 3tsp per cup, Prone to Miscarriage – Wait till Week 13

Passion Rae

From: $12.00
Looking for a great - no caffeinated - fruity tea with a hint of cinnamon!  Here is a great choice!

Apple Pie Meal Bowl

Apple Pie Meal Bowl with all your favorite cool morning tastes!

Redneck S’more Meal Bowl

Freeze-Dried Strawberry is a great way to enjoy a wonderful snack or add it to your favorite tea!

Freeze-Dried Mango

Freeze-Dried Mango is a great way to enjoy a wonderful snack or add it to your favorite tea!

Harvest Fall Tea

From: $10.00
A perfect combination of Pumpkin Spice, sweet caramel and tart cranberries!  Great marriage of flavors for the fall season! A way to enhance your pumpkin addiction!

VO2 Max/Hypoxemia

This blend was built to help the body with not having the proper gas exchange in your lungs.  The oxygen from the air you’ve breathed in passes from the alveoli into your blood and is then delivered to the cells throughout your body. While this is happening, carbon dioxide leaves your blood and moves into the alveoli, where it will be expelled when you exhale.

Spearmint Leaf

From: $10.00
A great non caffeinated Spearmint leaf can help with improved memory, digestion, stomach problems and a delicate and sweet taste. Most common taste of Gum.

Alzheimer’s Capsules

Looking for a great green tea that helps with great brain health and function!  Great for protection and early onset of Alzheimer's.

Asthma Capsules

Great blend to help relieve some of the symptoms of Asthma.