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It’s that time of year….cold and flu season! Steep Me Kick Ur Kold

What tea is the best for my cold/flu/sinus/cough/congestion…

When the weather changes here in North Dakota so does the teas our clients order.  We pride ourselves on creating many handcrafted teas but the most popular tea for this common question is our Steep Me Kick Ur Kold!  https://steepme.com/product/kick-ur-kold/

It is amazing how a great hot cup of tea can really appeal to the senses and the aromatherapy of the tea will also help with the ailment it is addressing.

There are many herbs available to satisfy all those pesky side effects that can come with the cold/flu/sinus/cough/congestion.   We work very hard to find the finest ingredients to put into our blends. We always try to import wild crafted herbs (meaning herbs grown in their native country) to make them more effective.  We have created the Kick Ur Kold in 2008 to be a great alternative to keep that cold or the flu at bay. Plus this blend is perfectly safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding moms and the little ones who tend to get everything.

About This Tea

Tasting Notes:  Very mild taste with Ginger, Cinnamon and Lemon

Ingredients:Lemon, Orange, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus (congestion, cough, fever), Echinacea, Licorice Root (sore throat – makes it taste sweet), Mullein (congestion, cough, sore throat)

This is a great combination of herbs to really help those symptoms of the cold and flu.  This blend is also caffeine free and is a great tea to drink before bed.

Pairs well with:  With the kick ur kold, Steep me also has other tea options to help narrow the focus depending on how your symptoms change and you progress.  We can help with Sore Throats , Cough, headaches, Bronchial Cough and upset tummy!

Check out the site to find many great teas that will benefit you!  Have a TEAriffic Day!


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