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Not able to fall asleep or stay asleep? Steep Me Insomnia Tea

If you suffer from not being able to fall asleep or staying asleep?

I cannot get to Sleep…I just lay here and Think,,Think,,Think…not good, I need to get to sleep….Sleep would be so nice….

We have been researching this elusive problem for years before we even opened our doors in 2008.

Everyone (almost) has some sort of sleeping issue or disruption to the normal sleep pattern.
We have many teas on the shelves that help to Relax (Chamomile, Starry Night) in the Evening and Teas with Catnip to help Relax (Calming Hug) but the Universal option is our Steep Me Insomnia Helper Tea.

We work very hard to find the finest ingredients to put into our blends. We always try to import wild crafted herbs (meaning herbs grown in their native country) to make them more effective. The Insomnia tea is a Collection of all the Most Potent Herbs to Help the Body Relax, Settle the Mind and allow the person to Drift Off into Sleep.

We have added Chamomile, Valerian Root, Lemon Balm and other herbs to Achieve this. It has no caffeine, can be used on a consistent Basis, but it is not meant as a permanent Fix. This Tea allows the user to ingest the Herbs and get them to rest on a temporary basis but…

The Mission is still to find out what is causing the missing sleep.

Whether it is Stress, Anxiety, Lack of Movement or other Medical Issues, we work with everyone to get to the root of the problem.  In our extensive studies, sleep issues signify to us that here is an underlying concern that needs to be addressed. We can help with that, just let us know.  Steep Me Insomnia Helper is a great place to start….but contact us with your other concerns and let us help!

About this tea

Tasting notes: Herbs with a hint of Earthiness and Chamomile (floral) and Citrus

Ingredients: Chamomile (relaxing floral), Linden Flowers (Open Airways and Headache) Lemon Balm(Stress, Insomnia), Skullcap(Stress, Anxiety), Oat Straw(Insomnia, Anxiety) and Valerian Root (Sleep Aid)

Pairs well with: With Sleep Issues, Steep me also has other tea options to help narrow the focus depending on how your symptoms change and you progress. We can Help with Hormone Balance, Anxiety, Destressor, Female and Male Concerns and Mental Sharpness which call all help to reduce the need for a sleep aid by addressing issues during the day.

Check out the site to find many great teas that will benefit you!  Have a TEAriffic Day!


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