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Do you suffer from digestive discomfort? Here’s a tea that can help

Is your digestive system giving you grief?
Bloat – Constipation – Digestive Enzymes – Gerd

Our “Steep Me Digestive Health” blend might help.

From time to time we all suffer from some sort of Digestive Ailment…this can range from bloating to upset tummy to cannot go to the bathroom to I need a good healing probiotic.

We have a great Digestive Tea to help address all of these items.

Little boy who couldn’t go to the bathroom

The concept of our Digestive Health blend came to us when a mom of a little boy who was suffering from a disease that didn’t allow him to go to the bathroom consistently. We wanted to make something that was gentle and soothing and was easy on the body.

There are many herbs available to satisfy all those pesky side effects of a fussy Digestive System. We work very hard to find the finest ingredients to put into our blends. We always try to import wild crafted herbs (meaning herbs grown in their native country) to make them more effective.

We have created the Digestive Health in 2016 to be an option for anyone who has digestive concerns.

Yeah, but how does it taste? And what’s in it?

It is mild, low caffeine and low stimulant to allow the Digestive system to heal while taking the tea. Plus this blend is perfectly safe for very very light use during pregnancy and breastfeeding moms and the little ones who tend to get everything.

Tasting Notes:

Aged Puerh with a hint of Almond and Amaretto and light citrus herbs and the softness of Slippery Elm Bark


Puerh (cultured and aged black tea – probiotic), Rooibos (caffeine free african tea – helps keep hydration), Slippery Elm Bark (coating agent from throat to intestines), Chicory (digestive aid), Ginger Root (settle tummy), and Chickweed (Digestive Aid)

This is a great combination of herbs to really help those issues with your digestive system.
Bloat, not being able to go and overall digestive health can be helped. This blend is also caffeine free and is a great tea to drink before bed.

Pair with:

With the Digestive Health, Steep me also has other tea options to help narrow the focus depending on how your symptoms change and you progress. We can help with Heartburn, Nausea, Constipation, IBS – C and Diarrhea!

Check out the store to find all these great teas that will benefit you!  Have a TEAriffic Day!


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