Tea and Health

What is this Matcha Tea? Why should I drink it Now?

….it is powdery….it has a strong green tea taste….it is healthy

…..so why not give it a try!


  1. No harm in drinking it!  Anyone can have it!
  2. Great Pre Workout with a bit of caffeine and energy to endure!
  3. Potent source of nutrients since the entire tea leaf is ingested – so you are giving your body liquid food!
  4. Boost Metabolism since it Contains the Polyphenol of EGCG!
  5. Helps manage weight loss in studies showing an increase of fat burning by 25%!
  6. Colds and Flu will be kept away with holistic benefits of catechins and theanine!
  7. Perfect combination of nutrition for a post workout recovery drink.

—from Terisina….

I drop my Ceremony Grade Matcha right into my water bottle for the day…I keep adding fresh water and ice and it keeps diluting – but I always get my Matcha in for the day!

—from Jerry…

I place my Ceremony Grade Matcha right into my protein shake.  I like to keep my matcha seperate from my other recovery teas…great place to hide it if you are nervous about the taste!


What is Matcha?

It’s a form of green tea that’s been enjoyed in China and Japan for hundreds of years. The most potent leaves have an origin in Japan.  Steep Me carries japanese matcha – ceremony grade tea leaves.  This powder will represent a baby powder consistency .

We server Our Ceremony Grade Matcha HOT or COLD at our stores.

With the colder temperatures stop on by and warm up with one of our Hot Matcha Lattes.  We only use Japanese Origin Ceremony Grade Matcha so you are getting the highest amount of healthy properties in each drink.  Grab a Matcha!!

Ceremony Grade Matcha Green Tea





Check out the site to find many great teas that will benefit you!  Have a TEAriffic Day!



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