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Dirty Detox

From: $16.00
This is a great combo for an emergency tummy tea...the addition of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are very quick at helping you feel better!


From: $14.00
This is our most popular blend to help with the occasional digestive concerns that a person can experience.  This is a great option to drink daily - completely safe!

Eczema – Psoriasis

From: $14.00
This combination of herbs helps the body with Eczema - Psoriasis - is an inflammatory skin condition that causes itchiness, dry skin, rashes, scaly patches, blisters, and skin infections. Itchy skin is the most common symptom of Eczema - Psoriasis. The herbs will also help maintain healthy and hydrated skin.


From: $20.00
The blend was built specifically to help built to help with increased and trapped swelling of the body – especially hands, feet, calves, and ankles.

Environmental Immunity

From: $18.00
Great blend for helping suppress your appetite and losing a bit of weight.

Eye Health – WIP

From: $15.00
The blend was built to help maintain and improve eye health including glaucoma, cataracts and pressure balancing.

Feelin’ Good

From: $15.00
Great combo to boost energy all day while getting great recovery herbs for athletic performance or high stress days.

Fertility Health – Woman

From: $20.00
Great start to get a healthy reproductive system.  See our other Fertility options!

Fungal Infection ~ Mold Toxicity – WIP

From: $14.00
The blend was built to help with both mold toxicity exposure and fungal infections.

Gout – WIP

From: $19.00
The blend was built to help the body filter out the toxins from Gout and help with pain management and reduce Uric Acid.

Grave’s ~ Hyperthyroidism – WIP

This blend was built to help with Grave's Disease (hyperthyroidism) which will help with the overproduction of the thyroid hormone.  

Hangover Helper

From: $15.00
This combo of our great health and wellness teas helps with all aspects of a hangover or hangover symptoms.  Headache, Tummy Aches, Fatigue and Detox!