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Roasted Mate

From: $6.00
If you are looking for a great alternative to Coffee, this is it.  A great roasted tea from South America that has very similar taste to your friend the coffee great health benefits and low tannins...give this one a try!


From: $11.00
This is one of the newest Oolongs we have blended for the menu...we wanted a great fruity oolong but wanted to add some floral additions and fennel to really bring out the uniqueness of the Oolong leaf...perfect tea if you want to try something new!

Rudolf’s Treat

From: $12.00
OMG....great chocolate tea with itty bitty candy canes!  Best Chocolate with a hint of mint!

Runner’s High

From: $13.00
Looking for a great higher caffeine chocolatey caramely roasted mate....this is your yummy!

Season’s Greetings

From: $11.00
This is a great combo of caramel and almond....with a bit of spice thrown in....try it!

Shanti Ayurvedic Healing Tea

From: $9.00
Great supplemental blend in our Ayurvedic line of teas.

Skin Care

From: $11.00
Steep Me Skin Care Blend is a great combo of herbs to help with overall hydration and suppleness of the skin.   We recommend drinking a tea daily or every other day to maintain your skin health.

Starberry Delite

From: $9.00
This is our best selling Raspberry Green tea.  With the addition of Blueberries and Hibiscus you are getting a full tasting blend of green tea.  Try it!

Steep Me Mocha

From: $9.00
What a great replacement for your White Chocolate Mocha....just add a bit of Chocolate Almond Milk...perfect duplication!

Strawberry Mango

From: $11.00
Nothing tastes better then the combo of Strawberry and Mango...and this tea delivers...great combo and pairs well with Milk!

Strawberry Patch

From: $10.00
Our best selling Oolong is this great green oolong of Ti Kuan Yin and the addition of pieces of Strawberries...give it a try!

Sugar Plum

From: $10.00
A wonderful Plum Black tea that is sweetened with Stevia....calorie free and tasty!