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Steep Me Menstrual Cramping Self Help Tea

From: $13.00
This is a great alternative to OTC for heavy period cramping.  No caffeine!

Steep Me Mocha Yerba Mate

From: $7.00
What a great replacement for your White Chocolate Mocha....just add a bit of Chocolate Almond Milk...perfect duplication!

Steep Me Mood Health Self Help Tea

From: $15.00
Our Anxiety Blend is a great options for people already using an Antidepressant.  This works well with that medication plus it really helps with the brain fog and lack of energy that can be a common side effect.  This will help get the focus and productivity back.

Steep Me Northern Breeze Puerh Tea

From: $10.00
LIMITED TIME . A fall treat  - this fall cultured Puerh and added caramel bits, chocolate bits, ginger and cinnamon make it taste like this time of year!  Don't miss out!

Steep Me Rudolf’s Treat Christmas Tea

From: $10.00
OMG....great chocolate tea with itty bitty candy canes!  Best Chocolate with a hint of mint!

Steep Me Sampler of Energy Teas and Dill-Aid

Want a great energy source that is all natural with no sugars, flavoring or colors?  Based on low caffeine and mushrooms?  Get ...shroomshredded with our energy teas!  This sampler will also include one Dill-Aid...for all your muscle recover needs!

Steep Me Throat Therapy Self Help Tea

From: $10.00
Not Safe for pregnancy Organic and Wild crafed blend of licorice root, anise,raspberry leaves, hibiscus flowers, orange peels, cinnamon bark, and slippery elm

Steep Me Tranquili”TEA” Self Help Tea

From: $8.00
This blend is a fantastic 4th trimester tea - for after baby is born.  This tea is a great add in for breastfeeding because we added special herbs that help with Colic and calm the baby for feeding.

Steep Me Tummy Tamer Self Help Tea

From: $10.00
Looking for a great option for the occasional tummy ache!  A great tea with ginger and peppermint to help with a sour tummy!

Steep Me Vitali”TEA” Stir In Self Help Tea

From: $13.00
A great stir in for inflammation, clarity, pain, energy, arthritis, memory, swelling, nausea and digestion.

Strawberry Patch Oolong Tea

From: $8.00
Our best selling Oolong is this great green oolong of Ti Kuan Yin and the addition of pieces of Strawberries...give it a try!

Sugar Plum Black Tea

From: $9.00
A wonderful Plum Black tea that is sweetened with Stevia....calorie free and tasty!