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Matcha Cafe Ceremony Grade

Perfect combination of ceremonial grade and highest quality culinary matcha. Often this blend of matcha uses leaves from the first and second harvests and has the sweet flavor of ceremonial matcha.

Matcha Super Ceremony Grade

Very High quality Green tea from Uji and Shizuoka Regions of Japan. Spectacular Taste and Color! Top Shelf.

ChiKava – Mushroom Brew

From: $17.00
Great instant coffee without any fillers or chemicals and Caffeine Free!

JavaJavyJolt – Mushroom Brew

From: $17.00
Great instant coffee without any fillers or chemicals!

Matcha Infused – Strawberry

From: $18.00
The finest of Ceremony Grade and Culinary Grade Matcha with slow stone ground Gyokuro Leaves...superb!  We enhanced the great taste with our Freeze-Dried Fruits giving it a subtle flavor change!  Enjoy.

Choco Pistachio Haze

From: $13.00
This blend has the great combination of our very popular Poppin' Pistachio with a bit of Chocolate!  We combined these great flavors together to make a perfect nutty chocolaty treat!

Coconut Macaroon

From: $12.00
Wonderful blends of coconut to make a perfect Macaroon!

Midwest Koosh

From: $13.00
Midwest Koosh All the Nuts and Chocolate!  Cannot get better than that! Great with Chocolate Almond Milk!! Like a great hot chocolate!

Frosted Dawn

From: $12.00
A great combo of Jasmine green tea with added tastes of Raspberry and Dragon Fruit making this blend a slight glimmer of hope in the winter months of warmer days are coming.

Chaga Chai

From: $13.00
This is a great combination of our favorite flavors in chai...we added our Extra Spicy Chai to our in house blended Steep Me Mocha...what do you get...OMG in a cup...just add your own Chocolate Almond Milk and goodness...Fall in a cup....

Dirty Detox

From: $16.00
This is a great combo for an emergency tummy tea...the addition of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are very quick at helping you feel better!