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Environmental Immune System Kit

Build Up your Environmental Immune System with our great combo of teas!

Environmental Immunity

Great blend for helping suppress your appetite and losing a bit of weight.


From: $11.00
This is the best combination of Oolong with Peach and Strawberry!  Plus this is the House Tea for a great local company called HuHOT!  So if you are in the area, try this place and have a yummy!

Eye Health – WIP

The blend was built to help maintain and improve eye health including glaucoma, cataracts and pressure balancing.

Feelin’ Good Recovery Tea

From: $12.00
Great combo to boost energy all day while getting great recovery herbs for athletic performance or high stress days.

Fertility Health – Women’s Tea

From: $20.00
Great start to get a healthy reproductive system.  See our other Fertility options!

Fertility Men’s – Capsules

Great combo of herbs to increase the health and wellness of men to help with fertility.

Formosa Green Dragon

From: $16.00
Taiwanese Oolong Tea with deep notes of Raisin and Ripe Fruit.

Fungal Infection – WIP

The blend was built to help with fungus-based infections including athletics' foot, candida and thrush. 


From: $11.00
Genmaicha is a light cup of Green Tea sourced from Japan with the added fun of popped it a great earthy appeal!

Ginger Dreams

From: $9.00
Great introduction to Rooibos with the soft and smooth taste of Vanilla...very soft and great vanilla taste.

Ginger Peach

From: $9.00
Classic mixture of soft Peachy pieces and a bit of Spicy taste in the Ginger...great hot or cold.