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From: $12.00
Nut-Tastic is a fun flavorful rooibos based on a fun and nutty sweetness!


From: $9.00
Grab one for a great snack or a healthy meal!  All high-quality ingredients!  Check out all of our choices!

Om Ayurvedic Healing Tea

From: $12.00
OM - Part of the Ayurvedic Healing teas mean to calm you.

Oophorectomy and Ovarian Health – WIP

From: $47.00
Oophorectomy and Ovarian Health was built to help support your body with basic Ovarian Health and for our guests that have gone thru a lateral or bilateral Oophorectomy.

Oral Health

From: $15.00
This tea was developed to help keep a healthy mouth, gums, teeth and fresh breath.  Using a tea to enhance your oral health is a great addition to a healthy dental regime. 

Organic Peppermint Leaf

From: $11.00
Blender’s Notes Peppermint Leaf: Steep Me Self Help Tea combinations are a great way to get health benefits outside of the standard

Organic Stevia Leaf Sweetener

From: $11.00
A great way to add a calorie free sweetener...just steep with your free tea leaves!

Osteoporosis WIP

From: $15.00
The blend was built to help build back some of the density in your bones that can be caused by Osteoporosis.

Ovarian Health ~ PCOS ~ Micro-Nutrition

A wonderful combination of vitamins and minerals to help with overall Ovarian Health with a focus on the auxiliary concerns with PCOS.

Pain Management

From: $16.00
This tea is a great alternative to traditional Aspirin and other Pain management Options.

Pain Management Capsules

A great way to use our great Pain Management Tea - we have made them into capsules...less messy and easy to travel with!

Pancreas Support ~ Micro-Nutrition

A great way to get proper vitamins and minerals to support your pancreas and manage blood sugars and digestion!