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Pancreatic Health

From: $15.00
 The blend was built specifically to help the Pancreases to detox, deliver hormones and ease the symptoms of inflammation or Pancreatitis. Your pancreas, a small organ rarely thought of until it causes problems, is vital for your digestive system as well as the endocrine process.

Paradise Falls

From: $15.00
This is a great selling Jasmine Pearl Green Tea with a hint of Tutty fruity taste...Great Iced!

Parasite Aid

A quick and easy capsule to help work with your body to remove parasites!  

Parasite Aid Tincture

Great delivery method to remove those parasites!  

Parkinson’s Helper Capsules

An easy way to help reduce the onset and side effects of Parkinson's.

Passion Rae

From: $12.00
Looking for a great - no caffeinated - fruity tea with a hint of cinnamon!  Here is a great choice!


From: $12.00
This fantastic tasting Ti Kuan Yin Oolong with Peach is a great place to start if you are new to smooth and rich with the hint of Peach...yummy!

Peach Apricot

From: $11.00
A nice and strong-tasting gunpowder green tea with the slightly sweet taste of apricot and peach.

Peach Melba Steep Me PINK Drink

From: $12.00
Our best selling Pink Drink....great caffeine free and pairs well with milk giving is a great pink color!  And its all flavoring or coloring.


From: $12.00
This is one of our best selling combination of Peach and Blueberry combined with the great dark tea taste!  Wonderful Iced...

Peachy Ginger

From: $10.00
A nice and strong-tasting gunpowder green tea with the slightly sweet taste of ginger and peach.

Pepper Lover’s Chai

From: $12.00
Looking for a little bit of heat with your Spiced Tea!  This blend is amazing with its freeze-dried peppers and variety of peppercorns!  Enough heat to warm up your tummy!

Peppermint Patty

From: $13.00
A great chocolate peppermint treat with the added benefit of several herbs for Fat burning, Weight Loss, Increasing Iron for Energy with the added help of Herbs to help block sugar cravings, rid excess water weight, and recovery

Pine Berry Forest

From: $17.00
New winter tea with great combination of berries, hibiscus and pine needles!

Pineal Gland Decalcification

This blend will help the Pineal gland since it plays an essential role in how we sleep, perform, make decisions, and perceive reality

Pituitary Health Capsules

Blender’s Notes Pituitary Health Capsules: Steep Me Self help Tea combinations are a great way to get health benefits outside

Plain Loose Pu-erh Tea

From: $12.00
Our highest prized loose puerh available...making a dark rich cuppa!

Plugged Milk Duct ~Mastitis Compress

This compress works well to help reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain!  Give it a try!

Plum Crazee Pie

From: $12.00
A great and refreshing Plum Green tea.  One of the first teas we developed and is a great option made hot or cold!

Plum Fairy

From: $12.00
Great introduction to Rooibos with the soft and smooth taste of Vanilla and the added fruity ness of Strawberry and Plum.

PMS ~ Menstrual Balance

From: $12.00
Wonderful option for all those pesky Premenstrual symptoms - helping with bloat, anxiety, headaches and irritability!  

PMS Capsules

Great combo for those pesky PMS issues that start to rear their ugly head prior to menstruation...Yeah..your hubby's will be happy!

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) – Endometriosis Capsules

This blend will help with reducing the inflammation on the reproductive systems to help heal the effects of PCOS and Endometriosis, focusing on the organs of the reproductive system.

Poppin’ Pistachio

From: $15.00
New Blend of our old Pistachio into Poppin Pistachio...more real almonds and pistachios plus richer taste!  Give it a try!

Post Partum Recovery Capsule

Great 14 Day Recovery Supplement for New Moms!

Prenatal Thru Lactation ~ Micro-Nutrition

Looking for a high quality - potent vitamin and mineral blend with no fillers and ethically handcrafted to ensure proper nutrition - try out this blend!

Prostate Health Capsules

A great way to use our great Weight Loss Tea - we have made them into capsules...less messy and easy to travel with!

Prostate Health Tea

From: $17.00
This a great way to get so many prostate health herbs in one tea...tastes great.

Pure Leaf

From: $18.00
A great plain white tea with lots of body and flavor on its own!  This is also the base for our popular teas of White Peach and Kiwi Pear!

Radiant Raspberry

From: $13.00
A simple and slightly fruity Raspberry Rooibos...perfect with a bit of honey!

Raspberry Riches

From: $12.00
Our best selling Oolong is this great green oolong of Ti Kuan Yin and the addition of pieces of Raspberries...give it a try!

Razzy Raspberry

From: $10.00
If you are looking for the best tasting Raspberry Black Tea this is it...great flavor and good iced!

Red Blood Cell

From: $15.00
Looking for a great recovery tea to help get through the day to day workouts - this is a great option to help the body recover.

Red, White and Blue

From: $17.00
This has been one of our best teas and it's always fun to celebrate something that represents the USA!  This tea is very light and refreshing and makes great iced tea.  Nothing like a little Red, White and Blue!

Respiratory Mucus

From: $17.00
Great way to get that stuff out of your lungs!