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Mango Pineapple

From: $10.00
A wonderful fruity combination of tropical flavors....cannot beat Mangos and Pineapples!  A great pick me up in the winter months!

Masala Chai

From: $15.00
Bringing together all the authentic tastes of Spiced Tea following a very old school recipe!

Mate Heaven

From: $12.00
This is our best selling Mate - adding a bit of Chocolate to the Roasted Tea makes this a great Mocha Yerba Mate.

Mate Spice

From: $11.00
A great combo of Chai and Caramel!  With a boost of yerba mate!!

Men’s Fertility ~ Sperm Health ~ Micro-Nutrition

A wonderful supplement to help with Men's Fertility and Fertility Health in a convenient capsule!

Menopause ~ Perimenopause ~ Micro~Nutrition

With this blend we are providing a healthy and potent blend of minerals and vitamins for Menopause ~ Perimenopause.

Menstrual Cramping

From: $17.00
This is a great alternative to OTC for heavy period cramping.  No caffeine!

Mental Sharpness and Clarity

From: $14.00
Looking for a great tea to help keep you focused and on task...this is the we do not use caffeine to do it!

Milky Way

From: $12.00
This is our best selling Puerh - the bit of Cacao and Chocolate bits really adds to the richness of the tea making it a great Mocha option ~~~and add a bit of sweetener and chocolate milk of your choice for the ultimate chocolate latte!

Mint Julep

From: $11.00
This great combo of Chocolate and Mint has been compared to the famous Mint Dilly Bar or the Mint Julep Drink...take your pick but you cannot go wrong with this combo of flavors!

Mint Jumble

From: $11.00
This blend has a strong and flavorful blend of Peppermint and Spearmint blending the sweet with the astringent. 

Mixed Fruit

From: $12.00
A great black tea with rich fruitiness and it is our most popular blend all year.


From: $12.00
What a great replacement for your White Chocolate Mocha....just add a bit of Chocolate Almond Milk...perfect duplication!

Monk’s Blend

From: $11.00
Great blend of teas from India plus an added tang of a Black tea from China!  Great flavor combo!

Mood Balance ~ Pauly Putz ~ Glarin Karin~ Micro-Nutrition

With this blend we are providing a healthy and potent blend of minerals and vitamins for balancing your mood!

Muffin Mix

From: $12.00
A great and flavorful combination of Blueberries and Black tea...really tastes like a muffin!

Multiple Sclerosis – WIP

From: $15.00
 The blend was built to help reduce inflammation, balance, improve brain function and cognitive ability and reduce anxiety. 

Muscle Recovery

From: $18.00
Great option for help your sore and tired muscles recover!

Muscle Recovery ~ Elasticity ~ Micro-Nutrition

A great way to help speed up your recovery and get you back in the game ASAP!

Neuromuscular Health – Muscle Spasms

From: $18.00
The Neuromuscular Health and Muscle Spasm tea was built to help the skeletal muscles and peripheral nerves that control the voluntary movement of the body to calm and relax. The blend will help ease the tightness that can occur while decreasing inflammation and can help manage the weakness, rigidity and loss of function of these muscles.

Nicotine Cessation

From: $16.00
Great combination to help with the desire to have nicotine.

Nilla Chai

From: $12.00
This is a great combination of our favorite flavors in chai...we added our Extra Spicy Chai to our in house blended Steep Me Mocha...what do you get...OMG in a cup...just add your own Chocolate Almond Milk and goodness...Fall in a cup....


From: $12.00
Nut-Tastic is a fun flavorful rooibos based on a fun and nutty sweetness!

Om Ayurvedic Healing Tea

From: $12.00
OM - Part of the Ayurvedic Healing teas mean to calm you.