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Kick’in Cholesterol

From: $14.00
A great way to enjoy a heart healthy tea and lower your cholesterol!    

Kick’in Cholesterol Capsules

A great way to use our great Kick'in Cholesterol Tea - we have made them into capsules...less messy and easy to travel with!

Kidney Bladder

From: $15.00
Great blend help the kidney and bladder work efficiently!

Kidney Support ~ UTI ~ Micro-Nutrition

A wonderful combination of vitamins and minerals to help keep your Kidney's healthy.  Plus, the added bonus of helping with your urinary tract infections!

Kiwi Pear

From: $12.00
A great combination of Kiwi pieces and Pear pieces with a light white tea.  Great hot or iced.

Lady Earl Grey

From: $11.00
The traditional combination of Earl Grey with the added pieces of lemon and vanilla....creamy Earl Grey!

Lavender Super Blue

From: $13.00
Super Blue French Lavender Flowers  - Wild crafted

Lemon Meringue

From: $12.00
Tastes just like the dessert...great tangy Lemon Rooibos...perfect with a bit of honey!

Libido Health Capsules

Great combo of herbs to increase the libido of the human body for both Women and Men!


From: $14.00
This blend can really help stop those sugar and salt cravings...helping your dietary lifestyle.

Limey Love

From: $9.00
A fantastic super tart blend of green tea with lots of Lime Taste!  Yummy and Great as a mixer!

Liver Balance ~ Fatty Liver

From: $13.00
This blend can help the body shed the extra enzymes that the liver has produced due to damage or disease from fatty liver disease, hepatitis, drug and alcohol, metabolic syndrome, or cirrhosis.

Liver Fibrosis ~ Cirrhosis ~ WIP

From: $36.00
This blend was built to help assist your body in helping heal the scarring and extensive scarring (fibrosis) of the liver caused by long-term injuries and disease.

Liver Support ~ Micro-Nutrition

A great Vitamin and Mineral option to help you get the best detox and functionality for your Liver.

Love Love Lemon

From: $14.00
If you love lemon...this is an amazing blend with lots of natural lemon taste!

Luscious Strawberry

From: $11.00
Great selling white tea with a wonderful strawberry taste!

Lyme Disease – WIP

From: $15.00
This blend is meant to help with side effects that can be common with a diagnosis of Lyme Disease and removal of the bacterial causing issues.

Lymphatic Cleanse

Our Lymphatic Cleanse is a 60 Day Tea Regime done daily to perhaps bring about efficiency of the Lymphatic System.

Lymphedema Capsules

These herbs can help promote and improve the function of the lymphatic system. Herbs are a natural and safe way to detoxify your lymphatic system and allow it to function properly. These capsules will help boost the drainage system.

M-PAK Mushroom Blend

The Steep Me M-Pak is a great combo of Mushrooms, long valued for their medicinal properties, are being explored as tools to boost immunity and fight viruses with their antiviral nature.


From: $10.00
The best tasting Orange Tea we have!  Great Hot with Honey!

Mango Berry

From: $15.00
A great black tea with a strong berry mango a great iced tea!

Mango Pineapple

From: $10.00
A wonderful fruity combination of tropical flavors....cannot beat Mangos and Pineapples!  A great pick me up in the winter months!

Masala Chai

From: $15.00
Bringing together all the authentic tastes of Spiced Tea following a very old school recipe!

Matcha Cafe Ceremony Grade

Perfect combination of ceremonial grade and highest quality culinary matcha. Often this blend of matcha uses leaves from the first and second harvests and has the sweet flavor of ceremonial matcha.

Matcha Gyokuro Ceremony Grade

From: $16.00
The finest of Ceremony Grade Matcha with slow stone ground Gyokuro Leaves...superb!

Matcha Infused – Strawberry

From: $18.00
The finest of Ceremony Grade and Culinary Grade Matcha with slow stone ground Gyokuro Leaves...superb!  We enhanced the great taste with our Freeze-Dried Fruits giving it a subtle flavor change!  Enjoy.

Matcha Super Ceremony Grade

Very High quality Green tea from Uji and Shizuoka Regions of Japan. Spectacular Taste and Color! Top Shelf.

Mate Heaven

From: $10.00
This is our best selling Mate - adding a bit of Chocolate to the Roasted Tea makes this a great Mocha Yerba Mate.

Mate Spice

From: $11.00
A great combo of Chai and Caramel!  With a boost of yerba mate!!

Men’s Fertility ~ Sperm Health ~ Micro-Nutrition

A wonderful supplement to help with Men's Fertility and Fertility Health in a convenient capsule!

Menstrual Cramping

From: $17.00
This is a great alternative to OTC for heavy period cramping.  No caffeine!

Menstrual Cramping Capsules

A great way to use our great Menstrual Cramping Tea - we have made them into capsules...less messy and easy to travel with!

Mental Health .. Bipolar ~ WIP

From: $39.00
This blend was built to help assist your body with mental health concerns and the ups and downs that can come with a bipolar diagnosis.